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50 cycles with 5 litres of mains water 

We developed the first closed-loop steriliser that uses mains water through a specific internal filtration system that recycles water to be reused in the following cycles. This performance eliminates waste, reduces costs and ensures a significant increase in the efficiency of any modern dentistry surgery. It also solves all issues relating to demineralised water storage and supply.

Used water treatment
The nano-ceramic recirculation filter, incorporated into the secondary tank, makes it possible to distil and purify water so that it can be reused in the following sterilisation cycle. The built-in conductivity sensor ensures compliance with water quality parameters as it protects the machine internal components from excess lime. Total consumption is 5 litres per 50 cycles, meaning approx. 100 ml/cycle, a real revolution.

The size of the display, its performance and the research carried out to develop the user interface make the steriliser simple and ready-to-use. Video tutorials and light indicators turn it into a unique steriliser.

Video tutorials.
Through its colour display, A Platinum provides video tutorials and important information for using and maintaining the machine. Everything is explained in simple videos: from information about load positioning to instructions for filter replacement. A personal assistant providing support to all operators.

A-17 PLUS | A-22 PLUS | A-28 PLUS


Incorporated filtration in a stand-alone machine
Operating principle

Unlike traditional sterilisers, A Plus does not require any external water connection for mains water treatment. Thanks to the demineralisation filter on the main tank, the user can fill the latter with plain tap water, thereby significantly optimising spaces, streamlining processes and achieving considerable savings. A Plus filtration system guarantees unprecedented ease of operation.

A Plus is a smart and essential working tool that ensures excellent performance also thanks to the colour LCD touch screen and user-friendly interface. Each check is represented by icons that make it easy to identify current machine status.

Traceability software
MyTrace is the traceability software available for A Plus. By using this programme, each set of sterilised instruments can be associated to the patient through a bar code. This essential software completes the sterilisation process and provides legal protection to dentists.

A-17 | A-22 | A-28


3 Volumes, 1 size 
The A range is available in the 17, 22, and 28-litre versions. Three different capacities to allow users to choose the most suitable machine according to their needs. External dimensions, being the same for the three machines, make installation easier. The 17 and 22 litre models have five trays while the 28-litre model has six.

Water management.
The doors on the upper part of the steriliser allow the operator to reach the tanks to fill them with demineralised water and clean them. The in-tank sensor checks water quality and ensures long-lasting machine performance.

Provided with keypad, it features clear user-friendly icons. The operator’s task is made easier and faster thanks to on-display availability of all data. Easy to install, a simple guided procedure aids the initial configuration.UNCOMPROMISING QUALITY

Tethys H10 Plus

Tethys H10 Plus is the new thermal disinfector that makes the instrument reconditioning process simple and practical. This innovative device carries out many of the numerous manual tasks typically encountered prior to sterilization, thus reducing personnel workloads and risk. With the Tethys H10 Plus decontamination, washing, thermal disinfection and drying are compacted into one fast automated process.

The combination of deep ultrasound washing and thermal disinfection provides effective rationalisation of reconditioning protocols, ensuring absolute protection for the user.


The answer to obtaining the best results with least effort is provided by the latest series of Tethys washer-disinfectors. These completely automatic devices guarantee perfect cleaning of instruments and the highest standard of disinfection, while ensuring at the same time complete protection for operators and the elimination of any possible procedural errors. Tethys washer-disinfectors represent a perfect synthesis of reliability, user-friendliness, leading-edge features and absolutely no loss of performance over time.

The large capacity washing chamber, twin trolleys, eco-slim steam condenser, extensive range of washing programs, handy control panel display and visual and acoustic end-of-cycle warnings all help to ensure easy operation and top quality performance.

The washing chamber and door made from AISI 316L stainless steel, flow-meter control of detergent dosage, level sensors and timers, “soft start” function to avoid thermal shock in the chamber and a number of anti-impurity filters ensure that a Tethys device will give satisfaction.

The latest Tethys series has been designed and created in compliance with the EN 15883 standard. That means having machines available that meet the most recent requirements in terms of washing and disinfection, to ensure washing cycles that can be controlled, verified and repeated.

Automation of the washing and disinfection process, reduced risk of contamination, savings on time and resources and wide availability of accessories make Tethys a significant, worthwhile investment.

Tethys HMD

Revolutionary Evolution
Thanks to the new HMD, Tethys H10 is now also a handpiece thermal disinfector. This latest accessory makes it possible to wash, thermally disinfect and dry up to 6 instruments (turbines or micromotor handpieces) simultaneously. The HMD is compatible with all Tethys H10, including those that have already been installed. All the user has to do is update the firmware to make the thermal disinfector more complete than ever.
The support can easily be assembled and removed; this allows use of a traditional basket and ensures the Tethys H10 can still perform its original function as an ultrasound thermal disinfector.

With the new handpiece cycle and the dedicated support, a cycle can be completed in just 34 minutes.
This cycle consists of:

  • Washing (no ultrasound)
  • Thermal disinfection
  • Drying

Thermal disinfection effectiveness on external surfaces has been verified as per EN15883-1 and EN15883-2.

Millseal Rolling

Millseal Rolling This automatic-feed thermosealer provides an optimal way of speeding up the sealing procedure on bags that are pre-cut and sealed on three sides. Sealing temperature and pressure are adjusted via a keypad and operating parameters are shown on the LCD display. Millseal Rolling can be used together with a printer to imprint bagging and expiry dates and symbols required by standards in force.

Millseal+ Manual

Millseal+ Manual The Millseal+ Manual thermosealer allows the operator to choose the exact length of the bag, perform the cut and seal it by pressing the lever. A beep indicates that sealing has been completed.

Millseal+ Evo


Millseal+ Evo Via just a few simple keys, the automatic Millseal+ Evo manages the entire procedure, from bag preparation to bag sealing. A motor-driven two-way slide ensures precise bag length adjustment while allowing considerable paper savings.

Vasca Ultrasuoni Highea

Designed to meet the operational needs of any dental practice, Highea ultrasound tanks offer excellent performance and outstanding reliability for daily in-depth instrument cleaning requirements. Ultrasound technology makes it possible to remove dirt from the surfaces of immersed objects, thoroughly cleaning even those parts that are most difficult to reach and hidden holes. The wash system is based on a system of high-performance transducers operating at a wash frequency of 37 kW, the frequency that optimises the cavitation effect. Available in three sizes, Highea ultrasound tanks are perfect whatever the surgery's space or load requirements, and are supplied with standard equipment complete with two beakers and a beaker holder. These containers are a must for washing very small instruments or when different detergents or disinfectants must be used during the same wash.

Thalya Plus

Total maintenance
Thalya PLUS is designed to automate rotary instrument maintenance. An all-in-one cycle includes cleaning, disinfection, lubrication, purge and drying.
The complete Thalya PLUS cycle consists of 6 stages:

  • Duct purge
  • Internal cleaning
  • Internal and external disinfection
  • Lubrication
  • Excess oil purge
  • Drying

The 4 instruments are treated simultaneously and the entire cycle lasts about 12 minutes.
Using the specific adapter, micromotor handpieces can be placed in rotation during treatment so the detergent, disinfectant and lubricant reach every corner of the instrument.

Cleaning the spindle. Thanks to a special support, the spindle can also be treated; this ensures all dust and dirt residues are removed from the handpiece tip.
Cycle traceability.  Thanks to the USB port at the rear of the machine, users can download machine cycle reports. An indispensable tool for correct reconditioning process traceability.


Simple maintenance
Thalya is the dentist’s latest ally for effective maintenance of rotary instruments. Simple and userfriendly, it allows perfect lubrication and purge maintenance of turbines and handpieces. To start using the machine just connect to the compressed air feed and the power supply.

Lubrication and purge of 4 instruments in less than a minute
The Thalya cycle consists of three stages:

  • Duct purge
  • Lubrication
  • Excess oil purge

The 4 instruments are treated simultaneously, the entire cycle lasting about 55 seconds.

The Thalya control pad makes interaction with the machine immediate and intuitive. Moreover, users can personalise the duration of the different cycle stages.
Thalya is designed to house any lubricant can (from 200 to 500 ml).